Travis Pastrana Jumps Motorycle From Water

Travis Pastrana, rally driver and motorcycle stuntman extraordinaire, has completed the world's first Hydrojump. The stunt consisted of mooring a ramp 110 feet from the shore in five-foot deep water. He then raced his motocross bike at the water in excess of 70mph, keeping the power on as he went feet wet. This was fast enough for him to hydroplane all the way out to the ramp and jump off of it. The bike was completely stock, with no flotation devices or special tires.

The stunt was made all the more difficult due to the choppy waves and windy conditions. Pastrana needed to hit the four-foot wide ramp with precisely the right amount of speed, flotation and angle; otherwise it'd have been like hitting a wall.


Speaking immediately afterwards, Pastrana said, "This is one of the most dangerous jumps I have ever made. If I had failed to get into the lake at the proper speed I could have ended up hitting the ramp really hard."

The stunt will form part of the Nitro Circus 6 DVD.

[Via Hell For Leather]

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