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Traveler Attacked By Naked Man Who Fell Through Bathroom Ceiling

Illustration for article titled Traveler Attacked By Naked Man Who Fell Through Bathroom Ceiling

An elderly man was viciously attacked by another man at Boston's Logan International Airport on Saturday. Oh, and the attacker had fallen from the airport's women's bathroom ceiling. And he was naked.


The Salt Lake Tribune says 26 year-old suspect Cameron Shenk ran out of the bathroom naked, then assaulted an 84 year-old man while still bleeding from his fall. A woman had reported the naked man's ceiling crash to the airport police. Shenk had apparently sneaked into the bathroom, undressed inside the stall and pulled himself up into the crawl space above the restroom by moving the ceiling tiles. The attacker bit the elderly man on the ear, then attempted to choke him with his own cane.

Massachusetts State Troopers responded to the scene and handcuffed Shenk, then took him to a local hospital for observation. Once released from the hospital, he will be arraigned in court, under charges of attempted murder, mayhem, and assault & battery.


Top image by "me and the sysop" (Flickr / CC Commercial License)

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That's so funny - I don't see the word "car" or even "airplane" in the article at all. This is exactly the reason jalopnik is broken.