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Trapster: Avoid Speed Traps The French Fry-Free Way

Illustration for article titled Trapster: Avoid Speed Traps The French Fry-Free Way

Sharing is caring and nowhere is that more important than when it comes to speed traps. We've seen all sorts of backward hacks on how to tell your fellow lover of speed the dangers that await them after the next bend. Flashing headlights, weird waving signals with our hands. Hell, we've even had people fling fries at us through an open window to get our attention. Let's remove the fast food from the equation, shall we? Enter Trapster, a new service giving users the ability to send and receive speed trap information on the fly, by way of their mobile phone. We like the service quite a bit, as it uses cell phone triangulation, GPS capabilities and Wi-Fi to pinpoint the drivers' locations and warn for approaching speed traps.


Despite how much bad karma it may produce by, you know, encouraging us to speed, we're told police officials apparently haven't complained about the service. Yet, anyway. [Trapster via AP]

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Rob Emslie

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