Transformers Toys For Tots: Bumblebee And Optimus Prime Show Their Stuff At ToyFair

The Transformers loving kids over at our favorite hangout for all things robots in disguise is live from New York City's Javits Center, home this week to the annual ToyFair show. This year it would seem it should be renamed something like "BotFair" or "TransFair" or something similar as the big news appears to be something we've been covering over here for quite a bit now, the upcoming Transformers live-action movie. The kiddies at TFW2005 have put together some galleries of what's cooking over on 11th Avenue. And in addition to what appears to be some amazing shots of the Camaro concept-transforming Autobot known as Bumblebee and his big boss truck, Optimus Prime, we've also now got Hasbro's official pictures of the toys — all ready in a gallery below to sate your fan-boy cravings. And if you've even got to ask why we're so excited, just take a stroll down the memory lane of our past posts here.

Toyfair 2007 []


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