Transformers The Ride Is Coming! Protect Your Children!

And you wish we would stop posting about Transformers. Well not today, bucko. News is going around that Hasbro and Paramount Studios will be bringing Transformers to an amusement park as a ride! Early word is that there will be "life size" Transformers involved, and that this attraction will be a "dark ride." A what?

A dark ride is not a virtual simulation, nor a rollercoaster, but rather a specific type of amusement- adventure ride. From what I understand, this is more about creation of an environment than the actual motion of a ride. So you may find yourself in the middle of a giant clusterfuck battle between Autobots and Decepticons. For example. Many other scenarios are also possible. The Indian Jones Adventure at Disneyland is an excellent example of the genre, but I can't get into specifics there because my parents didn't love me and never took me to see Disney anything.


The unveiling of the Transformers Adventure will reportedly be sandwiched between the second and third movies. It's currently in the early stages of planning; Paramount has just begun talks with Los Angeles based engineering firms to build this potentially badass ride. [IESB via LatinoReview]

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