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Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Hummer H3 Spotted Near Phoenix

Illustration for article titled Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Hummer H3 Spotted Near Phoenix

A reader over at spotted this Hummer H3T sharing its flatbed trailer with Optimus Prime in vehicle mode. The H3T is painted in the same NEST colors as the Hummer HX concept spotted back in July, with NEST appearing to be some kind of mysterious quasi-governmental organization in Transformers 2. Click through for the full report.

I'm staying at a hotel in Arizona and this trucker was checking in at the same time as me. I overheard him talking about having something in the back that he did not want a lot of people to know about. After he went up to his room I went to the back of the building to check out what he was talking about. Turns out he had the semi used for Optimus Prime on the back of his truck, in addition to a new vehicle. Looks like a humvee with the word Nest stenciled on the side. I took the pictures with my Blackberry as I don't have my camera with me. Went to dinner and came back, noticed he covered up the Humvee.



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Does anyone else here think "Revenge of the Fallen" is the most melodramatic name ever created?

I feel like it should be the title of some cheesy Youtube tribute video to an obscure anime show with a Kid Rock song in the background.