Transformers Corvette Stingray Concept Costume: Awesome And Adorable!

As a kid, the only thing better than a Transformer costume for Halloween would be a Transformers costume that actually transforms from pint-sized "Sideswipe" to a just-as-pint-sized Corvette Stingray concept. Lucky for this tot, his dad's built him the "better."

Although still not as cool as the Bumblebee costume we saw this year at Comic-Con, you've got to admit this one scores an 11 on the adorable scale.


Still doesn't beat driving the real thing, but, ya know, it's a close second on the kid-sized cool scale. [YouTube via CorvetteBlogger]


I think the dad gets a little carried away when he tries to "close the hood" and mashes the kid's face into the floor... #corvettestingrayconcept