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Transformers 2 Call Sheet Leaked, Confirms Even More Autobots To Roll Out

Illustration for article titled Transformers 2 Call Sheet Leaked, Confirms Even More Autobots To Roll Out

EXT SHANGHAI STEEL YARD Strike force in hummers & Trikes pull off HazMat suits EXT SHANGHAI SIDE STREET Kids run up to get ice cream. DOLLY FRONT SHOT Chinese kids. Headlight flare. THIN TRACK RIG BETWEEN KIDS TRUCK DIGITAL PASS THRU in front of Chinese kids. Wind kicks up. Two halves of Ice Cream Truck. One spins. Join together. Ice Cream Truck splits around Chinese kids. Leaves treats. DOLLY BACK OR CAMERA CAR REVERSE for POV shot of Ice Cream. POV kids. EXT SHANGHAI STEEL YARD GO CART & PORSCHE chasing all vehicles. Arcee motorcycle rip past Ice Cream twins EXT SHANGHAI STREET COVERAGE British SAS look at stacks. Leader tries to calm him. OVERLAP EXPLOSIONS. Ratchet soldier into window HANDHELD. Follow Lennox & team meet up with IRONHIDE. He drives up. EXT SHANGHAI STEEL YARD - BACKSIDE COVERAGE. Strike Force team searches thru interior steel yard. Old rail cars. EXT SHANGHAI STEEL YARD CONVERAGE. On actors - TO COMPLETE GO KART, Arcee & Stinger chase R8 Along street with stacks R8, Arcee, Stinger, Hummers, Trikes all race past Ice Cream Truck. Ice Cream Truck chases R8 thru alleys, Crashes, Splits in two, Twins fight LOW CAMERA R8 in bushes. Overlap explosion. R8 races away towards Backside EXT SMITHSONIAN AIR & SPACE MUSEUM Foursom getting ready to go inside-TO COMPLETE

Museum is now closed. Simmons w/ metal box. Leo distracts guards.
Simmons Tasers Guard. Duct tapes his hands together. Lets WHEELS out of box
Simmons drags Leo behind information desk
Sam & Mikaela come out (from hiding place. Film can & splinter
Sam & Mikaela run up to Simmons. Lets WHEELS out.
Sam & Mikaela walk past ENOLA GAY, WHEELS follows
Simmons uses radiation tracker. Leo talks over microphone
WHEELS pulls up in front of SR-71. Points. Simmons takes reading
Splinter glows. Leaps from Sam’s hand. Drawn to SR-71. Hits it. Pulse Blast
Sam & Mikeala race to SR-71. Discover Decepticon symbo.
Jetfire transforms. Knocks Spce cpsule onto floor. Rolls to stop. Drops missles.
JETFIRE & group exit thru large doors to exterior. Simmons stops. Gets in capsule.


[via ComicBookMovie]

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Now why should we care about a crappy two hour long GM ad that oodles of morons are going to pay $10 to see?