Trans Am Team Gets Jalopnik Bump, Blasts Through Field With Awesomeness

Photo credit: Chris Clark via Loshak/Stark Racing
Photo credit: Chris Clark via Loshak/Stark Racing

Trans-Am team owner Peter Stark of Loshak/Stark Racing came to us asking for a bit of extra luck for his new TA2 car last weekend: the Jalopnik bump. While they didn’t add to the bump’s win streak, they improved the most number of positions during the race.

Photo credit: Peter Stark
Photo credit: Peter Stark

Man, that chrome wrap looks pretty—as does the baby blue bump on its nose.

Stark admits that they borked the setup for qualifying, but fought like mad to make up for it during the race, charging from 15th to 8th. The race was unusually clean, however, with no yellow flags for the entire 100-mile race. Had they been able to use a caution to their advantage, Stark says it would have been a top-five car.


Congrats on the decent finish, Loshak/Stark Racing—and here’s to many more. If these TA2 cars are cool enough for some nutty Swedes to dedicate a race to the memory of late Motörhead bassist Lemmy Kilmister, they’re certainly cool enough for us.

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Trans-Am is awesome. America needs to watch more Trans-Am