Train Driver Attacked By Crowd After 37 Killed In Crash In India

At least 37 people were killed this morning at a remote train station in India after a train driver plowed into a crowd of people, causing others to attack the man and set coaches on fire, according to news reports.


The UK's Guardian reports that the victims, mostly Hindu pilgrims, were crossing the railway track on their way to a Shiva temple in the eastern Indian state of Bihar when the train piled into them. The crash also injured at least a dozen people.

Angry pilgrims and local villagers attacked the train driver, set coaches on fire and took several people hostage who work for the East Central Railway.


The India Times reports that railway officials say the train had been given clearance to drive through the station. They also note that unfortunately, crashes such as these are not rare in India, where some 1,220 people have been killed in train accidents between 2007 and 2012.

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