Trailer For Tron 2 Reboots Bad 80s Flashbacks With New Lightcycles

A few nuggets of automotive goodness have already seeped out of the nerdry that is this week's Comic-Con, but nothing is getting us excited more than this quick peek at some in-movie footage of the trailer from the new Tron 2 movie (alternately called Tr2n or Tron 2.0). While it's a grainy and distant bootleg movie — the footage still looks simply stunning. The lightcycles? They look epic. Jeff Bridges? We'll agree with our gadget-obsessed brother site when they say he looks like some badass version of "The Dude." We're totally sold on this one. Let the lightcyclegasm begin. [Gizmodo via Filmstalker]


LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

ALRIGHT! Trons back. Now we're talking. This is my world.

I remember back in the early 80's, we got our first VCR. It was a top loading VHS with mechanical controls.. i.e. The play pause stop rew ff etc. worked just like an old cassette tape recorder. To press play, I had to grab the play lever with both hands and pull down with all the strength a six year old could muster. No master control program to do it for you, just kinetic energy. Tron was the very first movie we played on that VCR.