TR7: The Shape Of Things To Come

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Yeah, the TR7 sucked so hard that owners had a tough time opening their garage doors (due to the mighty pressure differential created by the car's overwhelming "suck field"). But still, when I was a young lad, dreaming of future wheels, I thought the wedge-shaped Triumph was cool as hell. The TR7 had a typical lifespan of about 18 months, from that first undiagnosable cascading electrical malfunction to the final grenaded transmission, but there was a period in the mid-70s when you saw them sputtering all over California's streets (tellingly, the TR7's main competition at the time was the Fiat X-1/9). Who knows, this 1976 ad may have been the reason for the car's popularity, with its beaded-hippie driver and his various wedge-shaped garages (apparently Triumph was shooting for the all-important Grateful Dead Road Crew demographic). Enjoy.

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