We're only a couple of weeks out from Super Bowl XLVII, and that means we need to get ready for the litany of car commercials automakers will shove down our throats in between the football action.

Not to be outdone by Mercedes-Benz's tapping of model Kate Upton for their ads, Toyota has found a spokeslady in the form of lovely actress Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on The Big Bang Theory, a CBS sitcom I don't watch.

Unfortunately, the ad is lame, and it's for a car none of us care about: the new RAV4.


In it, we see Kaley walking around a city granting wishes in line with the lyrics of Skee-Lo's 1995 hit "I Wish." Relevant, Toyota. Relevant. It ends with her hopping into a RAV4 with a rabbit in a hat with a bat.

Not even Kaley Cuoco can make the 2014 Toyota RAV4 interesting.