Illustration for article titled Toyotas Hydrogen Car Can Literally Run On Bullshit

The Japanese have very high hopes for their hydrogen car technology, and Toyota just launched a campaign to show the world how the Mirai can be fueled by almost anything, including tons of bullshit.


Well, the hydrogen stripped from manure, specifically. When it comes to fuel cell vehicles, people are mostly concerned about the lack of infrastructure and the environmental impact of large-scale hydrogen production.


Hydrogen might be everywhere and it’s great to have a car that only emits water and some heat, but it takes quite a lot of effort to bring enough of it to a fuel pump near you. That fact raises the same questions as electric cars that are powered by fossil fuels instead of renewables, but don’t forget that the complicated and rather inefficient process of turning manure into pure hydrogen is just one of many options.

All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t give up on this yet, because smart people are working hard to turn fuel cell technology into a valid alternative. And they don’t seem to mind a shitty task.

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