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Despite talk a year ago of looking for ways to help the down-and-out American automakers through boosting prices, the automaker from the land of the rising sun is looking at boosting production by 20% in the US and global production by 40%. ToMoCo seems to be looking at taking and keeping that #2 spot here in the US, widening its lead over FoMoCo worldwide, and making a hard charge at the General for the top spot on its home turf. Hell, while it's at it, they may even be looking at going all the way with a run for the job as world's top automaker. With that boost in production to 1.84 million vehicles produced here in North America and a jump in global output to 9.1 million vehicles, it's not so far-fetched. Let's hope they've got those quality control issues solved before they make the jump โ€” or this could mean another 20% and 40% more recalls.


Toyota moves to unseat GM, outpace Ford, with reported plan to boost US production [AP via Seattle Times]

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