Apparently there was more going on at the reveal of the new 14 MPG 2008 Toyota Sequoia than just the reveal of an uber-humongous SUV based on the new bigger n' beefier Tundra pickup. We didn't find out until after we left LA-LA-land, but the folks from the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) snuck into the reveal to ask Bob Carter, vice president and general manager of Toyota's US division a few questions about why the automaker all about advertising green is one of the automakers suing to stop California from restricting vehicular CO2 emissions. According to Rick Popely from the Chicago Tribune, Carter, noting

"the man's media badge identified him as Dave Schembri, head of Mercedes-Benz's Smart division...knocked the video camera from the man's hands, and security guards separated the two."

Toyota spokesperson Irv Miller said later in response to the incident: ""It's probably on YouTube now. That's freedom of speech..." Yes, Irv — and as the above video proves — you're right on both counts. By the way, the best part of the video isn't the altercation — it's Carter's stunned reaction to the question asked. [via RAN, Chicago Tribune]