Toyota Unveils New, Japanese Corolla at Tokyo Mega-Dealership

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Our ex-pat friends at Nihon Car and Bike covered Toyota's unveiling of its new, JDM Corolla AXIO Sedan and Fielder Wagon — the 10th generation of Corolla since 1966. No, there isn't some obscure car show you missed, the unveiling took place at ToMoCo's MegaWeb showroom in Tokyo, reportedly the largest car showroom in the world. As expected, the Japan-only version is highly spec'ed, with gadgets culled from the company's luxury models, like elements of the Pre-Crash System (Lexus LS-460), radar-guided cruise control an intelligent Parking Assist. No word on the SUPER HATCHBACK POTENTIAL model that's been rumored.

New Corolla AXIO Sedan and Fielder Wagon, HDTV [Nihon Car and Bike]

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