Toyota 'TRD Pro' Truck Could Be A Furious Orange Raptor Fighter

As far as crazytrucks go, the Ford Raptor basically has the game to itself these days. But what if Toyota cooked up Raptor-fighting version of one of their trucks? This video and comments from Toyota make me think something like that may be in the cards.

This ad popped up on YouTube a few days ago, and it shows a pair of bright orange Toyota trucks blowing through the desert. They carry a badge that says "TRD Pro" and have grilles that don't quite look like anything else in the lineup.


Raptor fighter? Yeah, maybe. Autoguide reports that Toyota has confirmed a TRD Pro truck will be revealed at the Chicago Auto Show next week. They kept mum on the specs, however.

Maybe it will be a fancy parts package, or maybe it will be a Tacoma with a supercharged V8 under the hood and the Raptor in its crosshairs. One can dream, right?

Hat tip to JonathonW8 in Oppo-land!

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