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Toyota Sales 2007 Sales Up, Up & Away In 2007

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Toyota continued to muscle its way into more market share with best ever year-end sales of 2.6 million vehicles, up 2.7% over 2006. If you're paying attention, that's slightly more than Ford... thus putting Toyota as the #2 automaker. All hail our new hybrid overlords. For the month of December the automaker was down 1.7% from December 2006, which seems to be a theme with most large volume automakers. For 2007 the Toyota Division reported sales up 2.7% from 2006, with Lexus reporting an increase of 9.1% over the same period. It's interesting to note that Toyota sold 277,750 hybrids in 2007, up 44% from 2006. The Lexus LS 460/460L and 600h L saw a combined increase in sales of 35,226 units, an increase of nearly 80% over the 2006 LS models. Full press release below the jump.


Toyota Reports 2007 And December Sales

January 3, 2008 - Torrance, CA - With 12 consecutive years of record-breaking sales, Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., today reported best-ever year-end sales of 2,620,825 vehicles, up 2.7 percent over 2006.


"Great products and value drive a volatile market and put the consumer in the driver's seat," said TMS President Jim Lentz. "Toyota, Lexus and Scion deliver on both."

Toyota Division recorded best-ever year-end sales of 2,291,648 vehicles, up 2.9 percent over the prior year. Lexus retained its position as the best-selling luxury brand in America for the eighth consecutive year, selling a best-ever total of 329,177 units in 2007, up 1.8 percent over 2006. With overall sales of 130,181, the Scion line of vehicles contributed to the record sales year.

TMS reported December sales results of 224,399, a decrease of 1.7 percent from the same period last year.

Toyota Division
Toyota Division reported December sales of 189,844 units. Toyota Division passenger cars recorded December sales of 101,741 units, with best-ever year-end sales of 1,313,651 units, up 2.7 percent over last year. For the year, passenger-car sales were led by Camry, which posted annual sales of 473,108, an increase of 5.2 percent. Corolla posted year-end sales of 371,390. The Yaris subcompact reported year-end sales totaling 84,799, up 20.2 percent over 2006 sales. Prius gas-electric hybrid mid-size sedan reported sales of 14,212 units for a best-ever December and best-ever year-end sales of 181,221 units, up 68.9 percent over 2006.


Toyota Division light trucks reported December sales of 88,103 units, with best-ever year-end sales of 977,997, an increase of 3.2 percent over 2006. Light truck sales were led by the all-new Tundra with best-ever year-end sales of 196,555, up 57.4 percent over the prior year. RAV4 compact sport utility vehicle reported best-ever year-end sales of 172,752, up 13.2 percent over last year.

Scion reported December sales of 8,944 units. The Scion xB urban utility vehicle recorded December sales of 3,785 units with year-end sales totaling 45,834. The tC sports coupe reported December sales of 3,507 units with year-end sales reaching 63,852 units.


Lexus Division
Lexus reported December sales of 34,555 units, down 7.2 percent from the year-ago month. Lexus passenger cars reported December sales of 19,840 units and achieved best-ever year-end results of 200,334 units, up 9.1 percent over 2006.
Lexus passenger car sales were led by the ES 350 luxury sedan with December sales of 8,005 units and best-ever year-end sales of 82,867, an increase of 8.7 percent over 2006. The IS 250 and IS 350 luxury sport sedans recorded combined best-ever December sales of 5,651 units and combined best-ever year-end sales of 54,993 units, an increase of 0.9 percent. The LS 460/460 L and new LS 600h L luxury sedans reported combined December sales of 3,257 and year-end sales of 35,226 units, an increase of 79.6 percent over 2006.
Lexus Division light trucks reported December sales of 14,715 units and year-end sales of 128,843 units. The RX 350 and RX 400h enjoyed combined December sales of 11,835 units and year-end sales of 103,340 units, exceeding 100,000 units for the fourth consecutive year. The RX 400h luxury hybrid SUV reported sales of 17,291 units for the year.

TMS Hybrids
TMS calendar-year-to-date hybrid sales totaled 277,750 units, up 44 percent from
2006. In December, TMS posted sales of 24,269 hybrid vehicles, up 36 percent over last December. Toyota Division posted December sales of 21,972 hybrids and year-end sales of 257,765 units, up 51 percent over 2006. Lexus Division posted sales of 2,297 hybrids for the month and 19,985 units for the year.


There were 307 selling days in 2007, as compared to 306 selling days in 2006. There were 26 selling days this sales month and last December. [Source: Toyota]

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