Toyota Mirai Goes 312 Miles Before Having To Hunt For A Hydrogen Station

Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell-powered Mirai is going on sale later this fall, and for $58,325, you can drive the fuel of the future for 312 miles until you’re forced to find one of the dozen stations in the U.S. to fill up.

Actually, you’re limited to 10 stations, the total number of hydrogen pumps in California where the Mirai will be exclusively sold in the states.


Still, 312 miles makes the Mirai the only zero-emissions vehicle that can crest 300 miles, with Tesla’s all-wheel drive Model S 85D maxing out at 270 miles before you’ve got to top up the packs.

The official range number for the Mirai comes from its EPA-estimated 67 miles per gallon equivalent on the combined cycle, and Toyota is throwing in three years worth of complimentary fuel – up to $15,000 worth – for the California residents willing to plunk down the 58-large before state and federal tax incentives.

But road trips are kinda out of the question.

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