Toyota May Export Tundra And Sequoia

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Toyota appears to have hit upon a novel way of unloading excess US truck and SUV supply: Send the vehicles overseas. While no firm decisions have been made, Steve St. Angelo, president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, told a group of industry observers the company's full-size Tundra pickups and Sequoia SUVs could be attractive to buyers in other countries. We'd presume he's talking about African nations, Russia and Asia, places where large vehicles still command a strong following thanks to folks with lots of money to spend. Either way, it sounds like a win-win, since Toyota could take advantage of the weak dollar and keep its US factories humming while we could offload our junk on someone else for a change. [Automotive News, Sub. Req.]


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Toyota should really look into selling these monstrosities for scrap - they could really clean up.

It's what Bubbles would do.