Toyota Just Stretched The Crap Out Of A Pickup

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As a New Mexi-Texan, one thing I grew up around was ostentatious displays of pickup trucks. And if you’re not one of those who looks down on Japanese pickups, but want to flaunt your oil money with Japanese engineering, boy does Toyota have a Tundra for you: a 26-foot long limo version. Made right in the Lone Star State, no less. YEEHAW.

Toyota brought the 26.5-foot long, eight-door “Tundrasine” to SEMA in Las Vegas. The Tundrasine (clearly Tundra + Limousine, although I would have called it Tundrasaur or Tundrazilla) is about 90 inches longer than your usual Tundra. Oh, and it weighs about four tons. This thing is HUGE (like an xbox, or heck, maybe even two xboxes). Again, Tundrasaur. Say it with me. Let’s start a letter writing campaign to get Toyota to change the name. Who’s with me?


According to The Verge, the almost overwhelmingly plush wood panel and rich caramel pudding leather is based on “passenger compartments of luxury private jets.” Okay, screw Tundrasaur. Maybe call it Tundra One? It certainly seems fit for POTUS, although admittedly, it’s a little too late for our most recent Texan-in-Chief. Regardless, Hail to the Chief, baby.

Images via Toyota.

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