Toyota Is Building The 210 Horsepower Yaris Hot Hatch We Deserve

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There is no cooler car on the planet right now than the World Rally Championship Toyota Yaris. Ever since it Toyota’s maddest peanut started testing, there’s been a sick, all-encompassing need among rally fans for an overpowered hot hatch Yaris that we common-folk can buy. Praise be to Toyota—they’re actually making it.

Toyota announced today that it will show off a high-performance three-door Yaris alongside its WRC car at the Geneva Auto Show. Sure to be the best and quickest roadgoing Yaris ever—although the bar for that is admittedly low—the little car will pack 210 horsepower, or about twice what you’d get in a regular Yaris.


I’ve only seen these renders of it, but I desperately need to hoon it with every fiber of my being.


The newest Yaris will debut alongside a host of upgrades to the whole Yaris line-up, including design tweaks to the front and rear of the car, a refreshed interior and technical upgrades aimed at making even the humblest Yaris a better handling, more comfortable ride.

Sadly, since it’s Toyota Europe making this announcement, we can’t say for sure that the Yaris hot hatch will ever reach the United States. However, as Road & Track notes, 210 HP is about what you’d expect from the next-generation Ford Fiesta ST, which American enthusiasts have embraced wholeheartedly.


So, please, Toyota: bring America your lil’ hot hatch.