Toyota iQ Spotted, Gary Sinise Hiding In Back Seat?

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With gas prices the way they are, everyone's thinking about getting a car that's smart. But not everyone likes the Smart. So, for those seeking a Japanese alternative to Europe's favorite sub-subcompact, the super number one best awesome automaker from the Land of the Rising Sun has got just the car for you. These latest shots of the upcoming Toyota iQ show several passengers riding in the 3+1 seating configuration, and they actually look fairly comfortable.

Yes, 3+1. That means three Japanese adults and one Lieutenant Dan. That may seem like a stretch — or rather, a cramp — but remember, we've fit five guys in a Smart Fortwo before, so maybe it won't be so bad. After all, Toyota has saved space by using a flat gas tank under the seats, a small HVAC unit, and installing thinner seats. So, will the little 'yota make it to the States? Let's hope so.
[Winding Road]


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It looks better than the smart. Less cute, more car. It has more seats than the smart. Great. That means that, like the smart, there will continue to be just one person riding in the car.

With all the seats full and the AC on, you can achieve a 0-60 time not seen since the 1983 Diesel Oldsmobile Supreme.