Are Gas Prices Prices Breaking Your Piggy Bank?

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With gas prices approaching the pre-apocalyptic price of $5.00 gallon, it isn't just an issue that impacts the budgets of the working poor. Unless you're a Shell executive, the average Jalopnik might start feeling the pinch soon. Even if you take advantage of our seven ways to save gas, the cost of a fill-up for those having to commute long distances to work is moving towards a sex-in-the-back-of-a-VW level of discomfort.

This begs the question: Are current gas prices starting to seriously alter your driving habits? Worse, is fuel starting to cut into your regular income in a way that means balancing the checkbook now requires a graphing calculator, grad student and Ouija Board?

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Rob Emslie

Jebus, gas is getting so expensive, I'm thinking it'd be cheaper to run the car on a combination of pureed mink and first edition Superman comic books.

I average about 20 mpg in my car, and the wife does about 18 in the minivan. I'm thankful that they both run fine on regular.

We're gonna' spend the summer kicking it in the backyard this year. With a 36 mile roundtrip commute to work, I've been looking at 250cc scooters of late. You can pick one up for under a grand. I guess they're made in China or something to be that cheap. In the L.A. market, used prius' with HOV stickers are going for 30 large on craigslist.

Anywho, hell yeah, it's making a dent in the old pocketbook. And it's not just gas, everything that needs to get trucked in is going up in price. It seems like everything at the grocery store is a buck or more higher now than 6 months ago.

Pretty soon Taco Bell's value menu is going to start at $6.99!