Toyota Gets A Rear End NHTSA Probe

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The feds have opened an investigation into whether liftgates on the rear-end of 2004-2005 Toyota Sienna minivans are accidentally closing on their owners. As of August 2nd, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NAMBLA NHTSA) received eight complaints and four reports of injuries involving the liftgate going from agape to clenched unexpectedly on a person's...

...head or body. The investigation involves 393,313 Sienna minivans from the affected years. To further reinforce NAMBLA NHTSA's investigation, Toyota did issue a technical service bulletin back in March 2004 on the issue saying the liftgate struts were redesigned to prevent seal damage and, as is most important in these type of rear end issues:

"...avoid gas leakage."

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I'm surprised they haven't classified it as the "sudden, unintended acceleration of the liftgate, downwards." There's tons of money to be made in using those words, espcially for lawyers. Ask Audi.