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Toyota FCHV-adv Gets New Fuel Cell Hybrid System, Has Over 500 Mile Range

Illustration for article titled Toyota FCHV-adv Gets New Fuel Cell Hybrid System, Has Over 500 Mile Range

The Japanese government (who didn't have anything to do with Prius development) has given approval for domestic market leasing of Toyotas newest fuel cell hybrid, the FCHV-adv. We don't know if our assumed graphic update properly represents the new look of the updated FCHV, but the updated goodies under hood and better regenerative braking gives the new zero-emissions Highlander a total range of 516 miles. Wait, that's actually pretty damn impressive. Where do we sign up for the sports car version? [ Yahoo News]


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Commenters already shot hydrogen full of holes at Gizmodo a few days ago.

Making hydrogen from water using electricity, then compressing it, then running it through a fuel cell to make electricity is ridiculously inefficient; you're far better off eliminating hydrogen and recharging batteries. So most hydrogen is made from fossil fuels, a process that takes less energy but emits a lot of CO2 (and is still really inefficient). So Big Oil likes hydrogen since it gives their trillion-dollar fossil fuel and gas station businesses a future and they can hype "no tailpipe emissions".

The BMW hydrogen 7 *burns* hydrogen in a regular internal combusion engine. So it doesn't even get the efficiencies of an electric motor.