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Toyota, Cadillac strange bedfellows atop new customer satisfaction index

Illustration for article titled Toyota, Cadillac strange bedfellows atop new customer satisfaction index

Americans love their Toyotas as much as they love their Cadillacs. At least, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index — a national economic survey of customer evaluations of the quality of car brands.


Our thought, however, is that if someone's as satisfied with their Toyota Corolla as another person is with their Cadillac CTS-V, then it's either a clear sign a large portion of this country has been secretly lobotomized — or the index itself is flawed.

Satisfaction in this index, which Bloomberg says looked at 70,000 interviews and 5,000 surveys, does not appear to correspond with joie de vivre. Americans apparently like beige.


Joining Toyota and Cadillac at the top was the Lincoln brand of old platforms and rebadged Fords, followed closely by Mercedes. BMW dropped to #11 and the lowest-scoring brand was Chrysler, which shows there may actually be some semblance of logic in it.

Not surprisingly, Toyota also topped the Libyan Customer Satisfaction Index.

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"Loving" something and "being satisfied" with something are two different things.

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. Satisfaction is the fulfillment of one's wishes, expectations, or needs.

I can imagine someone "loving" their CTS-V wagon, but merely "being satisfied" with their Venza.

Ugh, why do I sound like I'm talking about dragoning?