Toyota #2: GM Back on Top

Ruh-oh. Looks as if super #1 best automaker is now #2. Yups, the General, benefiting from strong sales in emerging markets such as India and China as well as growth the Middle East and Europe, has managed to claw its way past Mothra Toyota and regain its former numero uno spot. You want specifics? Toyota sold 7.05 million cars und trucks over the last nine months to GM's 7.06 mil. What does this mean? Well, if you discount the fact that some of the 7.06 vehicles are actually Chinese cars in which GM is just a stakeholder, absolutely nothing (Of course Toyota plays the funny numbers game, too — think Hino). However, if you listen to our good buds over at The Truth About Cars, this could be the beginning of the Toyotalypse. Also, since GM's domestic sales are actually down over that nine month period (they're blaming sub-prime), we'd feel odd rolling out our obligatory "USA! USA!" chant. [Reuters]


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