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Toyo Tires Shows Off 2008 SEMA Line-Up

Illustration for article titled Toyo Tires Shows Off 2008 SEMA Line-Up

The Nissan GT-R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, Studebaker hot rod, disfigured Bentley Continental GT, and lifted Toyota Tundra you see here are the five cars Toyo Tires will be bringing to the upcoming 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. But what's the one thing they all have in common—besides wearing Toyo rubber? They're all ridiculous caricatures! Well, the 1931 Studebaker Model 54 hot rod might not be so bad, but if the rendering pictured is accurate, its non-existent ride height means it's nothing but a trailer queen. The most subtly tuned of the rest is the Nissan GT-R, which sports some carbon-fiber body parts, an Amuse titanium exhaust and Endless six-piston brakes. The rest of the bunch are a bit more radical.
The green Mitsubish Lancer Evo X is boasting 650 HP. The Bentley Continental GT (yes that's what's hiding under that awful body kit) brags of 800 HP. The Tundra? Well it's a huge lifted truck with green tribal grpahics...need we say more? And to think this is just the tip of the SEMA iceberg. [via MotorAuthority]


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Anyone been to the SEMA and/or AAPEX shows? Considering going this year myself for potential business venture but not sure it fits with where we're going (a buddy and myself)...

Looking toward more restoration than bling.

Opinions? Thoughts?