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You wouldn't think a T55AM2 battle tank could get bogged in a crop field, but it looks like some British blokes at "The Tank School" managed to break one in an inch of mud. The recovery effort took two more armored vehicles, a heavy truck, an excavator and probably about 1,000 gallons of fuel.


"The Tank School" is an open-to-the-public mobile armor playground at a place called Little Trostrey Farm in England. Civilians can show up, pay their money, and play around a field under the watchful eyes of knowledgable instructors.


That explains the "casual attire" of these individuals larking about with military vehicles. It also sounds like a lot of fun.

Despite the tank being in what looks like just a few inches of mud, it seems to have experienced a catastrophic breakdown resulting in an extraction that's quite an ordeal to behold.

The rescue rigs involved are an FV432 APC, FV439 APC, Scammel Pioneer truck and JCB Fastrac construction unit. It's a good thing that tan armored personnel carrier has an orange warning light too, those massive clattering things can really sneak up on you.

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