Tow Truck Gets Shanghai'd By Angry Driver

This may or may not be a staged video, but it's still funny to us. A Shanghai lady was not about to let some orange-clad tow truck driver take off with her beloved Chevy SUV so she hopped in and drove away — with the tow truck in tow. The best part is watching the truck driver realize he's gone from the tow-er to the tow-ee. [ChinaSmack]

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d3c509b aka Steve

Too many things out of place here:

1. any tow truck driver would know to tow a vehicle by it's drive wheels.

2. any tow truck driver would know to put his truck in park, and engage the parking brake.

3. why was someone video taping this exchange?

4. why did the tow truck driver kick the tires?

5. top if off with the fact that the Traverse is a brand new vehicle (I assume new to China).

So in conclusion... Simpson's did it! .... err, I mean, photoshopped! err, whatever.

its one of those viral adds found on that interwebs!