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"Total Recall" remake gets Chrysler imported from Detroit's future

Illustration for article titled Total Recall remake gets Chrysler imported from Detroits future

Because no good movie should ever be left unmolested, Hollywood's geniuses have launched a remake of "Total Recall" set for next year. Among the changes: it's set on Earth, it stars Colin Farrell and Chrysler builds hover cars.


Shot on the Toronto set by photographer Sam Javanrouh, this is the Chrysler hovercar used throughout the film by Farrell. Other scenes will use police-liveried units with Dodge badges, visible in the video below. No word yet on whether Jessica Biel gets to drive a tiny floating bubble badged as a Fiat, but Chrysler's ad department can claim it spent wisely to make Chrysler seem destined for the future. Incepted, yo.

And while there's no Mars or Arnold Schwartzenegger in this remake, director Len Wiseman has promised that the new "Total Recall" will include a woman with three breasts.

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Spiegel - ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - Hopes to post on oppos!

So they're pretty much saying Chrysler and Dodge survive.

But fuck all Ford?

The irony is that in the real future, it'll be the other way around...