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Tornado Levels Woman's House, Spares Her Jeep

Illustration for article titled Tornado Levels Womans House, Spares Her Jeep

The tornado that struck the town of Dexter in Southeast Michigan last week took dead aim at a row of houses along Wilson Street in the Orchards River Hill subdivision. When the twister cleared, nearly everything was destroyed. Everything except this one Jeep Commander that miraculously appears untouched.


Sirens blared 26 minutes before the vicious storm did its worst with the small Michigan hamlet early Thursday evening. Damage was widespread but the early warning allowed residents to find shelter and no one appears to have been injured.

Though no lives were lost, many people's homes and possessions were completely destroyed including Katie Cramer's Jeep. Here's how The Detroit Free Press tells the story:

Boynton teased next-door neighbor Katie Cramer about her Jeep.

As Cramer backed the debris-covered SUV out of her driveway, bits of insulation stuck all over it like mud, the two men hooted, "Hey — it's a Jeep," alluding to brand's toughness.


It's apparently trail- and tornado-rated.

You can find ways to help tornado survivors right here.

(Hat tip to Kyle!)

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Who says Jeeps aren't good in the twisties?