Top Half Of Chevy Volt Revealed On Transformers 2 Set

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It appears the top half of the 2010 Chevy Volt has been photographed on-set at the filming of the new Transformers 2 movie, and it gives away a lot of the styling cues which have been hidden from view up until now. The front of the greenhouse on the production Chevy Volt bears little resemblance to the concept, with smooth A-pillars, and a sweeping roof line. The side glass gets a more traditional, and actually quite appealing, shape. The tail definitely takes inspiration from the original, though.
The back end does remind us of the concept a lot, with a short rear deck, C-pillar and tail lights forming a small spoiler, and we can just make out the crisp, aerodynamically-inspired line running up the trailing edge of the rear fender. The side mirrors and plug-in port have obviously been made to stand out with a distinct, contrasting silver coat of paint pointing the way to the tech lying beneath. All this leads us to two conclusions; One. that all that Transformers love is finally paying off, and two, the Chevy Volt is probably playing Al-Gore-Bot in the movie. [TransformersLive via Autoblog]