Top Gun And Days Of Thunder Director Tony Scott Found Dead After Jumping Off Bridge

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Tony Scott, the director of such beloved classics as Top Gun and Days of Thunder, was found dead today after jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro earlier this afternoon, an apparent suicide. Investigators found a note, which was left in his Prius on the bridge.


Scott, aged 68, is famous for making numerous action films, dramas, and the action comedy Beverly Hills Cop II. He's also the brother of director Ridley Scott.

What prompted Scott to take his life is unclear, but he leaves a large body of work behind including Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State, and True Romance (full filmography here).

The contents of the note and reasoning for his suicide are, as of yet, unclear. Here are responses from around the web:


UPDATE: He had an inoperable brain tumor)

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Top Gun has been my favorite movie for years now. I remember me and my brother watching it damn near every day when we were younger, fast forwarding through all the mushy love scenes to get to the sweet action scenes (keep in mind, we were around 6 and 9 respectively).

As I got older, I still loved Top Gun. Whenever I had friends over for a movie and we had nothing else to watch, Top Gun got put on.

Every girlfriend I've had, the first movie I've watched with them has been Top Gun.

People laugh at me when I say it's my favorite movie. They're crazy.

I was patiently looking forward to Top Gun 2. Now we may just have to wait forever.

RIP Tony Scott. Thank you for giving us some fantastic films over the years.