Top Gear's Socially Distant Studio Setup Is The Show's Best Yet

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The O.G. (British) Top Gear is coming back soon I guess, “with a socially distanced twist,” per the show’s Twitter account. What they mean is that the show’s signature crowded studio has been swapped for a drive-in movie style setup, with audience members in and around their own cars. Looks like one of the coolest things the show’s done, actually.


Peek through the replies in that thread to see some pictures from the perspective of audience members. It’s fun!

Since it doesn’t seem like pandemic conditions are going to soften any time soon (ever?) I guess we can expect a lot of performances to try and work out solutions like this, but it’s pretty on-brand for a car show and in fact, I think this actually seems cooler than the standard “clumps of people standing around” setup the BBC has run since the Clarkson days.

I’ve never been an exceedingly faithful viewer of the show but I’ve liked some of the stuff I have seen with the current cast. Here’s to a good fresh outdoor season.

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carter [L03 THM200-4R]

I’m sure there will be a bunch of comments here shitting on Top Gear but I think if you haven't given this current lineup a chance you should. Freddie, Chris and Paddy have a good rapport and bring a little more youthful energy to the show that it really needed. It feels far enough removed from Clarkson, Hammond and May that it's its own thing again. They're not pandering to the US audience anymore, and that's what made old Top Gear good.