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Top Gear's Chris Harris Finds The Dodge Viper ACR More American Than Donald Trump Naked In A Corvette

Top Gear’s Chris Harris finally introduced himself to the Dodge Viper ACR in his latest film on, and found it to be just as American as Donald Trump naked in a Corvette—but obviously far more appealing.


I think the most notable aspect of Harris’ Viper ACR track “review” is that he hasn’t driven a Viper in 15 years. Because of this, he expected the car to be “the most agricultural truck imaginable,” but was pleasantly surprised!

He praises the fact that American automakers aren’t afraid to throw a manual in their sports cars, and proves that the car is balanced enough to do the slidey stuff despite all of the race car parts designed to prevent that from accidentally happening.


The biggest praise comes when Porsche-purist Harris claims the ACR is in a “different league as a track car” over the Porsche 911 GT3 RS—and half the price at that.

We still can’t embed videos for some reason (their fault), but you can check out “one of the most surprising cars” Harris has driven in ages over on their site.

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Top Gear’s Chris Harris Finds The Dodge Viper ACR a Rusted-Out Yugo with a 2-stroke chainsaw engine, and a radio that receives only Mongolian Folk Songs More Appealing Than Donald Trump Naked In A Corvette