Top Gear USA Nets 1.9 Million Viewers In Series Premiere

History Channel PR says they're "very happy" with Top Gear USA's 1.9 million viewer debut. [Edmunds InsideLine]


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I liked the show, yes it was stiff at times and forced and clumsy at moments, but that was the best car show footage I have seen outside of the UK version. They will smooth it out and get better.


HEY HISTORY CHANNEL You want more viewers?? How about something in the 8PM time slot?! Who the f*ck signed off for SUNDAY AT TEN PM??? I played the show tonight from my DVR recording so that I could watch it with my wife, 14 yr old son and 11 yr old daughter like I do with the UK version.

And another thing, you've decided to air a show which has a strong male demographic against the Sunday night NFL game. (which is what I watched live last night)

Sunday at 10 PM.......Really?