Top Gear USA, Nascar combine for magical Top Gear 300

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Just as Nascar spurs ardent fans and detractors, there's an equally strident break between supporters and haters of "Top Gear USA." This May, they can all come together at Nascar's Top Gear 300, the combination Pizza Hut/Taco Bell of motorsports.


While some may see attaching the Top Gear name to the Nascar Nationwide Series race on May 28 as blasphemy mounting blasphemy, I say there's a lot of potential here for both sides. If Travis Pastrana can keep a stock car on the track, Tanner Foust deserves a few laps in something with more grunt than the pace car. Adam Ferrara should see how fast he can get a Winnebago going around Charlotte with a functioning moonshine still in back. And Rutledge Wood could raffle off the shaving of a driver's number into his face forest.

I'd suggest letting someone Stig it up (Danica?) but officials would cough up a ham bone if a driver ever got camera time wearing a suit unmolested by sponsorship patches. This is Nascar. There are rules.

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Danger Ranger XLT

Wait, wait, wait, wait.


/I fucking love America