Top Gear USA Alive, Heading To History Channel

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Despite being killed by NBC, Top Gear USA lives on at The History Channel. Sources there tell us they've ordered between 10 and 12 episodes and they're currently interviewing candidates for the hosts.


If you'll remember, NBC killed the idea for a Top Gear USA show starring Carolla, racer Tanner Faust and dapper doily designer Eric Stromer at about the same time they realized the Carpocalypse was gonna kill any chance they'd have of advertising. Also, there was the whole Knight Rider fiasco.

The History Channel's an interesting choice for Top Gear. The positive is they've got a lot of cash to throw around thanks to their very high net worth viewers. The negative is it still won't be the UK version. Still, there's good people involved in the production of the show.

In fact, much of the impetus for our decision to provide a bounty for the unaired pilot of the NBC version of Top Gear USA (more on that later) was because we knew from our sources that History had picked up the rights and was actively working on production.

Now we hear on top of this is news Carolla announced on his CarCast show that he's up for one of the three hosting jobs and we're crossing our fingers someone we know very well makes it too. Carolla even mentions our bounty (they call us one of those "odd sites") at around 17:30 in the podcast.


How about Carolla, Titus and Tom Hnatiw (from Speed's cancelled Dream Car Garage)?