NBC Cuts Top Gear USA Due To Knight Rider Failure

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Due to the failure of Knight Rider and expected production costs, NBC has decided to pass on Top Gear USA. The BBC's shopping the US rendition of the hit show to interested cable outlets.


Although the Top Gear website's claiming they took a pass on the Peacock, our sources at both NBC and the BBC tell us the brightly-colored feathered network passed on an opportunity to tie up the show after the failure of the new Knight Rider series and expected high production costs associated with the show.

So, rather than tie up the franchise with a deal or an extension, they've cut Top Gear USA free to search for a new home. Top Gear's website claims interested parties are available on cable and to expect a deal shortly. We remain hopeful they'll be able to find a backer with enough money on hand to really do the show right.

[Top Gear USA]


If NBC wasnt run by idiots they would have moved Jay Leno to a once a week car show similar to the videos he has on his website (ie not dumbed down). Instead of his garage he could review new cars, go to shows, classic car races ect... He really does a great job on those videos on his site if you havent seen them yet and a show like that would be so much better that an US copy of a crappy, unfunny show featuring yobbos with bad teeth.