Top Gear Sparks Sudden Surge In Used Subaru WRX Searches

You probably really liked the two-part Top Gear special that concluded last weekend for two reasons: one, it was suitably Top Gear. And two, it was conducted with three wagons.

If you're like me, you probably thought a Volvo 850R Wagon would make a great car to track down and it crossed your mind every time James May scraped the front of his as he drove on some awful gravelly road.


Many of you in the UK are not like me, because you've spent the last week searching for a Subaru Impreza WRX wagon, because as MSN Cars reported, searches for those old cars were up dramatically while the shows were being aired.

According to the data from, search traffic for used WRX wagons was up 826% while the first part was airing and 668% during the second part. Far more than the jump in searches for 850Rs or BMW 528i Tourings like the one Jeremy ruined, err... drove.

Now, depending on where those numbers started, it could mean all of 40 people were searching for those Subarus while watching Top Gear, but regardless, Jeremy, Richard and James probably remind us of some cars from the not-too-distant past that were in fact really great. I'm reminded that I do miss when you could get the WRX in a fairly upright, practical wagon format instead of the rounder, less practical hatch that replaced it.

OK, forget the 850R, I'm going to go look for some old WRX wagons. In blue, of course. Actually, what would be great is if I could find a nice Saab 9-2X Aero … wait, don't get me started.

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