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Top Gear Season 19, Episode 4: Video Open Thread

Illustration for article titled Top Gear Season 19, Episode 4: Video Open Thread

GREAT NEWS! Another episode of Top Gear premieres tonight!

Highlights from the fourth episode of the 19th season will include car rugby and Lewis Hamilton making another attempt to become the fastest Formula One driver to have a go around their track. The last time Hamilton was on, he posted a lap of 1:44.7, but that was in wet weather.


The current record is held by Sebastian Vettel, who did it in 1:44.0 even. Will Hamilton be able to do better?

As always, please post any links to the videos or clips in the comments below, as well as your thoughts on this week's episode. Enjoy.


Photo credit BBC

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I watched it on TV, but missed the first 15 minutes or so. Anyway, I was surprised to find out that the Mustang is coming to the UK (and the rest of Europe?) in a year or so, but only with an ecoboost 4. That seems weird to me, just like it seemed weird to the Top Gear guys. Why would you buy a Mustang if it was only available with an Ecoboost 4? Isn't the main quality of the Mustang it having a V8 for relatively little money? If it has a 4 cylinder what's the appeal over a Focus ST or a BRZ?