Top Gear Season 19, Episode 1: Video Open Thread

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The world's most popular British serial motoring program just debuted and we know you're anxious to talk about it so we've created an open thread for you to do just that. Of course, we're referring to Top Gear Season 19. While you now only have to wait a week to see it on BBC America, we understand a week is still too long to wait.

So go ahead, post your videos, your images, and your thoughts below. Here's what's inside the first episode:

  • Jeremy tries to make a car smaller than the Peel P50. That's what the robotic Dr. Who-esque thing that we showed you a few weeks ago was all about.
  • James takes the Bentley Continental GT Speed off road for a little bit of rally action.
  • Richard is on the track with the Pagani Huayra. We're betting they all make fun of how it's pronounced and spelled.
  • Damian Lewis will do the whole Kia C apostrophe D star in a reasonably priced car bit.

Not bad.

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Was it just me or was the P45 the most hilarious gag they've ever done? Right up there with the Reliant Robin?