Sorry for being a bit late with the YouTube open thread for episode two of Top Gear Season 15 โ€” we were busy celebrating 'merica this weekend. You've likely already downloaded the torrent, but if not, hit the jump.

In this week's episode, the boys each get ยฃ5000 to spend on a four-door sedan that can go double duty as both a daily driver and a track day car. They also drive the Porsche 911 Sport Classic and the Porsche Boxster Spyder. Been there, done that.

For the moment we've got just this first video โ€” the quality's complete rubbish and it's only about eight minutes or so of the show. If it goes down, or if you want to watch the rest โ€” feel free to hit the YouTubes and pop a new video in the comments below. Again, that's where we get the "YouTube Open Thread" we speak of above. Enjoy.