What does it take to beat the Bugatti Veyron in a head-to-head battle? Another supercar? No, that would just be too easy for the mighty Veyron and not nearly as much fun. Watch the video to find out and check out much more with Top Gear 10, out on DVD today.

In season 10 of Top Gear, the Veyron finds a worthy opponent in one of the most modern, high-tech strike-fighter jets on the planet - the Eurofighter Typhoon.

The challenge is a horizontal (Veyron) verses vertical (Typhoon) race over two miles. When it comes to white-knuckle speed, the Veyron is trumped - its top speed of 252mph is no match for the Typhoon's 1,500mph. But don't place your bets yet, the Veyron has two distinct advantages. Trip line? Parachute? Rocket launchers? Watch the video to find out.

Want to see more? Top Gear 10 pits an Aston Martin against a man on roller skates, puts Simon Cowell in a reasonable priced car and goes seaward with amphibious cars in a challenge to cross the English Channel. If you're already a fan, find your inner-Stig at TopGear.com and share the petrol passion with our new widget.