Top Gear Reviews 2009 Corvette ZR1, America's Reputation At Stake

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Hopefully we'll all have the chance to see a full Top Gear top test of the 2009 Corvette ZR1 by Jeremy Clarkson, complete with big powerslides, loud proclamations of "Powwah!" and a power lap by the Stig. However, for the moment you'll have to be happy with Top Gear Magazine's Paul Horrell, who recently spent time behind the wheel of the new super-Vette. So does Horrell confirm our sentiments on the ZR1? Not quite. Horrell reckons "the dynamics are better than an Aston DBS, but you don't get the delicious precision of a (Ferrari) 599." Fair enough, but it's a good start for the ZR1 across the pond. Especially considering whether or not the rest of the European press agree with his overall positive assessment will likely play a big role in not just the success of the ZR1, but the European perception of American cars in general. The ZR1, in many ways, is our ambassador. And a hell of an ambassador it is.
[Top Gear]

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They'll probably say it's a great amount of power for such a low price, knock the interior, and question why we used such a big engine, when european V8s come in half the size.

Anyone else notice that when they review American sport cars, it's always praised because it's so darn cheap compared to it's rivals? We need a better reason for american cars to be good aside from the price tag.