Top Gear Plays Their Small Ukes, Roadie For the Who, Test Vans

We admit that when it comes to van culture, we're slightly more enamored of it than Hammond, Clarkson and May. But then again, one of us worked for an ex-H sker D roadie, two of the larger circle of Los Jalops were in bands that did some form of touring, and one was just too lazy to buy a van and figured out how to stuff a half-stack into the trunk of a '70 Buick. But being Yanks (although one of us lived in Europe, one vacations there yearly and another has spent a large amount of time in the British Isles over the years), we're largely ignorant of European vanning options.


It turns out the Top Gear presenters are, too, so they decided to lug a miniscule fraction of the Who's equipment a few miles and failed to capture the true essence of vanning. Maybe it's because they never sold the A-100 or the E-350 on the Continent.

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