New laws introduced by the UK's Labour party to force racial and sexual diversity in all state-funded endeavors may inadvertently force Top Gear to add new characters just to hit quota. Yay, Big Brother!

Nothing peeves us off more than the man (non-gender specific men, of course) sticking his nose into places it doesn't belong, especially when it means putting the winning cast of characters on Top Gear into the blender. The changes introduced by the Labour party's deputy leader Harriet Harman place an aim at equality in the government workplace, a euphemism for giving jobs to people who, you know, obviously earned them. Since Top Gear is run by the government-funded BBC, it would have to comply with these rules as there's specifically no exemption for broadcasters. Maybe it's just the old boys club mentality, but this whole idea stinks to high heaven. [DailyMail]